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decorating home office guest room

Turning a spare room into a home office guest room can be a challenge, but with the right layout, furniture choices, and decor, you can create a functional and stylish space. Whether you want a full-fledged home office that doubles as a guest room or a guest room equipped for occasional remote work, there are plenty of inspiring ideas to consider.

If you’re looking for inspiration on decorating your home office guest room, we’ve gathered some exciting ideas to help you create a space that combines productivity and comfort. From cozy bohemian style-inspired designs to understated and serene Scandinavian aesthetics, there’s something to suit every taste and preference.

Continue reading for creative and practical makeover ideas that will transform your home office guest room into a versatile space that meets your needs.

Key Takeaways:

  • Create a functional and stylish home office guest room that meets your needs
  • Consider different design styles like cozy bohemian, understated Scandinavian, and bright and sunny spaces
  • Optimize space with clever furniture choices such as antique work tables, narrow console tables, and vintage secretary desks
  • Add bold colors or moody tones to inspire creativity or create a relaxing atmosphere
  • Make the room versatile by incorporating transformable daybeds or built-in workstations

Cozy Bohemian Style-Inspired Home Office Guest Room

Blogger Sara Toufali has expertly transformed her guest room into a cozy and inviting home office with a bohemian style-inspired design. Despite the constraints of a compact room, she has managed to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing space that combines elements of relaxation and productivity.

One of the key highlights of this cozy guest room is the long two-person workstation that dominates one wall. This clever layout choice maximizes the available space and allows for collaborative work or Zoom meetings with ease. The warm wooden desktop, paired with comfortable ergonomic chairs, creates an inviting environment for focused work sessions.

On the opposite side of the room, Sara has positioned a bed pushed into the corner, serving as a daybed when not in use by guests. This ingenious arrangement provides a cozy nook for reading or taking short breaks, immersing you in the soothing ambiance of the bohemian style design. The warm color palette, layered textures, and botanical elements contribute to the overall comfort and tranquility of the space.

Whether you need a space to work from home or accommodate occasional guests, this cozy bohemian style-inspired guest room proves that you don’t need a large area to create a functional and stylish office. With careful attention to layout, furniture selection, and decor choices, you can transform even a compact room into a welcoming and versatile home office guest room.

Understated and Serene Scandinavian Office Guest Room

This Scandinavian office guest room from Fantastic Frank creates a serene atmosphere with its understated design. The room features neutral tones, warm wood accents, and vintage design classics like the Verner Panton chair and lamp, adding gravitas to the spare decor.

In this Scandinavian-inspired office guest room, the emphasis is on creating a calming and minimalistic environment. The use of neutral tones such as whites, beiges, and grays contributes to the overall sense of tranquility. These colors allow for a clean and uncluttered look, promoting a peaceful and focused atmosphere for work or relaxation.

Warm wood accents are used to bring a touch of nature indoors, adding warmth and texture to the space. Whether it’s a wooden desk, shelving unit, or flooring, the use of natural materials helps create a sense of harmony and connection with the surrounding environment.

“The Scandinavian design philosophy revolves around simplicity, functionality, and beauty. It emphasizes clean lines, minimal ornamentation, and the use of natural materials. This aesthetic is perfect for a home office guest room as it promotes a sense of calm and productivity.”

The inclusion of vintage design classics, such as the iconic Verner Panton chair and lamp, adds a touch of timeless elegance to the room. These pieces not only elevate the overall aesthetic but also serve as conversation starters and focal points within the space.

Key Features of the Understated and Serene Scandinavian Office Guest Room:

  • Neutral tones create a calm and uncluttered atmosphere.
  • Warm wood accents add texture and warmth to the space.
  • Vintage design classics add elegance and personality.
Feature Description
Neutral Tones Whites, beiges, and grays contribute to a serene atmosphere and promote focus.
Warm Wood Accents Natural materials, such as wooden furniture and flooring, add warmth and texture.
Vintage Design Classics Iconic pieces like the Verner Panton chair and lamp bring elegance and charm to the room.

Flexible Guest Room Office Space with Antique Work Table

Marie Flanigan Interiors presents a clever idea for creating a flexible guest room office space. Instead of a traditional nightstand, they suggest incorporating an antique work table. This unique piece adds charm to the room while serving as both a functional and decorative element. The antique work table features an airy cross-beam base and a generous worktop, providing ample space for both work and leisure activities.

By opting for an antique work table instead of a standard nightstand, you can transform your guest room into a versatile space that caters to your specific needs. Whether you’re using it as a dedicated workspace or a place for guests to set down their belongings, the antique work table offers flexibility and style.

The antique work table not only provides a designated area for work but also adds a touch of history and character to the guest room. With its unique design and aged patina, it becomes a conversation piece and a focal point of the room. Its functional features, such as drawers or shelves, offer storage solutions for office supplies or personal items.

Here is a breakdown of the advantages of incorporating an antique work table into your guest room office space:

  • Flexible space: The antique work table can be used for various purposes, including working, reading, or displaying decorative items.
  • Functional and decorative: The table serves not only as a practical surface but also as a visually appealing piece that enhances the aesthetic of the room.
  • Generous worktop: The wide worktop offers ample space for spreading out paperwork, using a laptop, or engaging in creative projects.
  • Airy cross-beam base: The open design of the base creates a light and airy feel, making the room appear more spacious.
  • Historical charm: The antique nature of the work table adds a sense of history and character to the overall design of the room.

Integrating an antique work table into your guest room office space allows you to create a functional and stylish environment that accommodates both work and relaxation. The unique charm and versatility of the table make it an excellent choice for those seeking a distinctive and inviting space.

Bright and Sunny Home Office Guest Room with Bold Color

A Beautiful Mess showcases a bright and sunny office guest room that uses bold color to inspire creativity. The room features high-energy shades of yellow on the patterned wallpaper and desk, creating a feel-good vibe for those who thrive in a colorful environment.

If you’re someone who seeks a vibrant and stimulating color palette, this home office guest room is the perfect choice. The bold yellow hues on the walls and desk create a visually striking and energetic atmosphere, promoting productivity and creativity. The bright and sunny ambiance of the room will instantly uplift your mood and infuse your workday with a positive energy that keeps you motivated.

The use of bright colors, like yellow, in a workspace is known to evoke feelings of happiness, enthusiasm, and optimism. This can have a significant impact on your overall mood and productivity levels, making it easier for you to stay inspired and focused throughout the day.

The patterned wallpaper adds a playful element to the room, while the yellow desk provides a dedicated and creative workspace. The combination of these bold colors sets the tone for a dynamic and inspiring environment, making it the ideal setting for anyone looking to create a unique and invigorating home office guest room.

In addition to the stimulating color scheme, the room is thoughtfully designed to maximize functionality and comfort. The furniture arrangement ensures that there is ample space for both work and relaxation, offering a well-balanced environment for both you and your guests.

“The use of bold colors, like yellow, can have a transformative effect on your work environment. The vibrant hues create a sense of energy and stimulation, helping to foster a lively and creative atmosphere.”

Whether you’re working on a project or hosting guests, this bright and sunny home office guest room with its stimulating color palette and creative workspace is guaranteed to spark inspiration and make your workday more enjoyable.

Moody Office Guest Room with Daybed and Print Magazine Wall

Create a moody atmosphere in your office guest room with a daybed and a wall adorned with print magazines. Designed by Emily Bowser, this unique setup offers a perfect spot for unplugging, providing a cozy space for both you and your guests to relax and unwind.

With the daybed, you can transform your office guest room into a comfortable seating area during the day, allowing you to take breaks and recharge in a serene environment. The plush cushions and soft bedding create a cozy atmosphere, inviting you to curl up with a book or simply enjoy a moment of tranquility.

Adding to the moody aesthetic, the wall adorned with print magazines serves as a focal point in the room. The arrangement of colorful covers and intricate designs adds visual interest and creates a unique backdrop for your workspace. It’s the perfect blend of inspiration and relaxation, setting the stage for creative thinking.

The daybed and print magazine wall not only enhance the visual appeal of your office guest room but also offer an unplugging space where you can disconnect from technology and indulge in some much-needed downtime. It’s a space that encourages relaxation and rejuvenation, allowing you to escape the demands of the digital world and immerse yourself in a calming ambiance.

“The moody atmosphere created by the daybed and print magazine wall provides an ideal space for unwinding and recharging, offering a peaceful retreat within your office guest room.” – Emily Bowser

Benefits of a Moody Office Guest Room:

  • Creates a calming and relaxing atmosphere
  • Offers a comfortable seating area during the day
  • Provides an unplugging space for relaxation and rejuvenation
  • Serves as a unique and visually appealing focal point
Pros Cons
Creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere Requires regular maintenance and dusting of print magazines
Provides a versatile seating and resting area Takes up space in the room
Adds visual interest and a unique design element May not be suitable for minimalist or contemporary design styles

Space-Saving Office Guest Room with Narrow Console Table

When dealing with a small guest room, optimizing space becomes essential. Matthew Carter Interiors provides a brilliant solution by replacing a traditional desk with a long and narrow console table. This clever choice not only saves valuable floor space but also offers additional workspace for your home office needs.

narrow console table

The narrow console table is strategically placed along one wall, allowing it to stretch the length of the room without obstructing movement. Its sleek design complements the overall aesthetic, providing a functional yet visually appealing element to the space.

Equipped with a spacious tabletop, the console table offers enough room for your laptop, writing materials, and other essential office supplies. By utilizing this narrow surface, you can create an efficient workspace that caters to your productivity needs.

The console table’s slim profile also makes it an excellent choice for multipurpose rooms. It seamlessly blends into the guest room ambiance, serving as an unobtrusive workspace while still accommodating your guests’ needs.

Benefits of a Narrow Console Table:

  • Maximizes floor space in small guest rooms
  • Provides extra workspace for your home office
  • Creates a functional and stylish element in the room
  • Allows for easy transition between office and guest room

In summary, incorporating a narrow console table into your office guest room design is a space-saving solution that adds a touch of elegance and provides the extra workspace you need. This versatile furniture piece proves that you don’t need a traditional desk to create an efficient and stylish home office.

Stylish and Sensible Office Guest Room with Vintage Secretary Desk

Elevate your office guest room with a touch of nostalgia and functionality. Fantastic Frank presents a stunning vintage wooden slant-top desk, the perfect addition to a stylish and sensible workspace in your guest room. This midcentury-inspired desk not only adds a retro charm but also provides a practical solution for closing clutter at the end of your work session.

The vintage secretary desk features a slanted top that, when closed, conceals your work area, preserving the neat and organized appearance of the room. It’s an excellent option for those who want to maintain a tidy space while also creating a visually appealing aesthetic.

With its elegant design and timeless appeal, the vintage secretary desk brings a sense of sophistication to your office guest room. Its rich wood tones and sleek lines perfectly complement various interior styles, from modern to rustic.

Advantages of the Vintage Secretary Desk Key Features
  • Closing clutter for a tidy workspace
  • Efficient use of space
  • Timeless and versatile design
  • Slanted top that closes to conceal workspace
  • Ample storage compartments and drawers
  • Elegant wood finish

Enhancing the Aesthetic

Pair the vintage secretary desk with complementary decor items to create a cohesive and visually pleasing office guest room. Consider incorporating:

  • A vintage table lamp to add warm and gentle lighting
  • Delicate desk accessories, such as a pen holder or a desktop organizer
  • An ergonomic chair for comfort during working hours

These carefully chosen accessories will further elevate the aesthetics and functionality of your office guest room.

Embrace the Timelessness

Transform your guest room into a stylish and sensible workspace with the vintage secretary desk. Its classic design, combined with its ability to close clutter, makes it a practical choice for maintaining a clean and inviting space. Say goodbye to the visual distractions of your work area with this beautiful addition to your office guest room.

Corner Guest Room Workstation with Built-In Design

In small spaces, optimizing every inch is crucial. Neva Interior Design understands this challenge and has created a corner guest room workstation with a built-in design that maximizes the available area. By utilizing the curves of the room, they have cleverly integrated a functional and stylish workspace into the corner.

The all-white palette not only creates a clean and modern aesthetic but also allows the workstation to blend seamlessly into the background when not in use, making the room feel more spacious and uncluttered. This thoughtful design ensures that the guest room remains inviting and comfortable for visitors while providing an efficient workspace for your remote work needs.

corner workstation

Benefits of a Corner Guest Room Workstation

  • Optimizing small space: The built-in corner workstation takes advantage of otherwise unused areas, making the most of a limited room size.
  • Efficient use of curves: By incorporating the curves of the room, Neva Interior Design has creatively utilized every available corner, ensuring a functional and visually appealing workspace.
  • Clean and uncluttered: The all-white palette and seamless integration of the workstation allow the room to maintain a tidy and clutter-free appearance.

With this corner guest room workstation, you can optimize your small space without compromising style or functionality. Neva Interior Design’s built-in design showcases the possibilities of creating a well-designed workstation that seamlessly blends into your guest room.

Spacious Office Guest Room with Transformable Daybed

When designing a home office guest room, it’s essential to prioritize both functionality and comfort. Keyanna Brown showcases a brilliant solution in her spacious guest room design. The highlight of this room is the transformable daybed, which ensures a comfortable night’s sleep for guests while doubling as a large bed when needed. This versatile piece of furniture allows you to make the most of your space without sacrificing style or convenience.

One of the challenges in creating a home office guest room is finding the right balance between work and relaxation. In this design, the desk area is strategically concentrated in an alcove, creating a dedicated workspace that doesn’t interfere with the guests’ sleeping quarters. This thoughtful layout ensures that your guests won’t feel like they’re sleeping in an office and allows them to enjoy a peaceful and uninterrupted stay.

By utilizing a spacious guest room, Keyanna Brown has managed to create a functional and inviting space that seamlessly combines the comfort of a guest bedroom with the convenience of a home office. The transformable daybed and concentrated desk area offer the best of both worlds, allowing you to accommodate guests without compromising your productivity.


Combining a home office and a guest room is a smart way to maximize your space and create a functional and stylish environment that can serve multiple purposes. Whether you frequently host guests or simply need a dedicated workspace for remote work, a well-designed office guest room offers the versatility you need.

When designing your office guest room, consider different layouts, furniture choices, and decor ideas that not only create an optimal space for work but also provide a comfortable and welcoming environment for your guests. From cozy bohemian-inspired designs to understated Scandinavian aesthetics, there are various styles to suit your preferences.

Achieve a versatile space by choosing furniture that serves multiple functions, such as a daybed that can transform into a large bed when needed or an antique work table that adds charm to the room while acting as a functional and decorative piece. Additionally, optimize small spaces by utilizing built-in designs or narrow console tables that provide extra workspace without occupying too much floor area.

By carefully considering the various design options available, you can create a home office guest room that seamlessly blends style and functionality, offering a comfortable and inviting space for both work and relaxation. Whether you’re hosting guests or focusing on your professional endeavors, this versatile space will ensure that you make the most of your home.


How can I decorate a home office guest room?

You can decorate a home office guest room by considering layout, furniture choices, and decor. Choose a style that suits your taste and the overall theme of the room, and select functional furniture pieces that allow for both work and relaxation. Add personal touches and incorporate storage solutions to keep the space organized.

What are some home office decor ideas for a guest room?

Some home office decor ideas for a guest room include incorporating a designated workspace, adding comfortable seating for guests, utilizing wall storage solutions, incorporating natural light with curtains or blinds, and adding decorative elements such as artwork or plants. It’s also important to create a clutter-free environment to promote productivity and relaxation.

How can I design a guest room that can also serve as an office?

To design a guest room that can also serve as an office, consider using multipurpose furniture such as a daybed or a pull-out sofa bed. Optimize the layout to allow for both sleeping and working space, and incorporate storage solutions to keep the room organized. Additionally, choose decor elements that create a welcoming and productive atmosphere.

What are some essential items to have in a guest room?

Some essential items to have in a guest room include a comfortable bed with fresh linens and pillows, a bedside table with a lamp, extra blankets and towels, a mirror, a small sitting area or chair, and a luggage rack. Consider adding extras such as a television, alarm clock, and a selection of books or magazines for entertainment.

How can I optimize a small home office guest room?

To optimize a small home office guest room, use space-saving furniture such as a narrow console table or a wall-mounted desk. Utilize vertical space with shelving or floating shelves and incorporate compact storage solutions. Keep the color palette light and airy to create an illusion of space, and utilize natural light to make the room feel larger.

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